Rap between worlds: Sho Baraka

February 08, 2017

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Born in Canada, raised in California, educated in Texas and now residing in Atlanta Georgia, Sho is a controversial artist who is not ashamed of his convictions. As a Christian, he speaks from a Biblical worldview. As an African-American, he speaks boldly to the social issues in his culture. As a man, husband and father, he addresses false assumptions about manhood. And as an artist, he speaks imaginatively and creatively through his music.

Sho is not shy about his convictions and he is ready to ruffle feathers. He walks an incredible tightrope between political agendas, between Christian movements, between gender issues and between hip-hop genres.

As a vocal activist, Sho chose to use the medium of hip-hop to speak into his culture and here’s our conversation on why music.




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