Music & Productivity: Will Henshall

January 16, 2017

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Today we have a fascinating guest with us, his name is Will Henshall, and he is the CEO and Founder of a productivity music software company called Focus at Will. In my discussion with him, we talked about the nature of music, how it impacts the brain, and most interestingly, we explored the relationship between music and the “Flow State”, which is basically when you are hyper-focused and totally involved in what you are doing. 

I can’t think of a better person to have this conversation with than Will Henshall, who has achieved notable global success both as a musical/visual artist and as a technical inventor. In 1987, he founded the British pop soul band called Londonbeat and had two Billboard #1 hit records in the early 90’s. He also founded Rocket Network, a company which was funded by Paul Allen and Cisco in 1995 and if that weren’t enough, he created the professional audio media transfer system called DigiDelivery which he sold to Avid in 2003. Now he is the CEO and Founder of a an online software company which offers an incredible streaming service for study or focus music.


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