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Music Out Of This World: Becca Stevens is Regina

March 23, 2017

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Today I will be introducing you to a singer/songwriter named Becca Stevens, who just released her new album, Regina. If you’re looking for some new music to explore, consider your search now complete.

Becca is not just your average musician. I mean, she’s really good and in her most recent album, she has collaborated with Snarky Puppy’s Michael League, Jacob Collier, Laura Mvula, and the legendary David Crosby. If you know those names, then you know that all you need to do is put those people in the same room and the chemistry will invariably take over!

And indeed, if know of Snarky Puppy, or the GroundUp independent label, you know how freely they experiment with the best of many different genres. Now, sometimes artists will borrow conventions from different genres, but they just don’t mesh, and sound forced together. But when you listen to Becca’s music, you feel like you’re listening to a mature genre which has always been there because of how congruent the sound is.

I am pleased to announce that this album has been finally made available and you can listen to it on Spotify, iTunes or any other music streaming service. Or even better, you can order it on




(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens)

Ariadne’s after me,  

Hungry for my harmony;

Lost, and bound in agony,  

Devouring dreams to feed her need.

She weaves a web of trickery   

To feast upon my sanity,   

But cowers at the sight of love,   

So rise above like Venus rose from water.

Ariadne’s lost her way   

In the maze she made to toy with me;

Where she’s still toiling after me   

But the beast can’t have what she can’t reach!   

Venus rose from water.

She’s a fugitive   

With a plot to steal the feeling out of everything.   

She can smell your weakness,   

If you fall, then she will feast like a

Black hole in a labyrinth,

With nothing but time to find the negative in everything.

If she pulls you in,   

Rise above…

Venus rose from water.


Lean On

(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens)

When your prayer to the heavens

Hears no answer,

And you’re headsick and writhing

Like a broken dancer,

Grab ahold love.

I can hold us.

Don’t stay lonely.

Bring it to me!

Now you’ve fallen in the black well,

Slipping farther,

And your poor legs are seizing

From treading water.

Grab ahold love.

I can hold us.

’Til the rope drops,

Hold on tight love!

If you trip, lean on.

Little love you can lean on.

If you’re trippin’ lean on.

I’m a lover you can lean on.

Are you scared for tomorrow?

Can we make it?

Here’s a ring for your finger,

If you’ll take it.

Grab ahold love.

I can hold us

Through the undertow.

Don’t let go, love!

Both Still Here

(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens)

Life’s but a moment’s dream

Dreamt just for us, so it seems…

And if you’re dreaming of sorrow  

Save your tears for tomorrow,

Smile when you’re lost in the shadows,  

And laugh while we’re both still here.

Of the music that plays in my heart

Loving you is my favorite part.

You are the music that wakes me  

And lulls me to sleep when I’m weary.  

Sing to the sound of my heart that  

Beats for you while we’re both still here.  

Time schemes to cloud our dreams when we’re apart.  

Different wings chasing different things with separate hearts.  

But our love is traveling with me,  

Strong as the will of my heartbeat,  

And calm as I am when you hold me,  

Loving you, while we’re both still here.  

45 Bucks

(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens)

It’s too bad, you’ve broken the trust we had,

And this one can’t be mended with your words.

It takes time and effort to make it right,

But I don’t think I want to anymore.

No I don’t think I want you anymore.

You can keep the money,

I don’t really need it

If it’s gonna mean that I’ve gotta talk to you.

I don’t even think you’re funny,

I only laughed ’cause I could tell you wanted me to,

And no you can’t call me “honey” anymore.

It’s true that I’ve given up on you,

And you’re the type to notice a good thing when it’s gone.

To be fair, I never had faith in you,

And I don’t think I want to anymore.

No I don’t think I want you anymore.

It must be hard for you in the morning,

To face another day,

Knowing you don’t have a true friend in anyone.

It must be hard for you in the evening,

To lay your weary head,

Knowing you didn’t make a difference at all.


Queen Mab

(words by William Shakespeare 1564 –1616

from Romeo & Juliet, music by Becca Stevens)

The cover of the wings of grasshoppers,

The traces of the smallest spider’s web,

The collars of the moonshine’s watery beams, ooh…

O, then, I see Queen Mab hath been with you.

She is the fairies’ midwife, and she comes

In shape no bigger than an agate-stone

On the fore-finger of an alderman,

Drawn with a team of little atomies

Athwart men’s noses as they lie asleep;

Her wagon-spokes made of long spinners’ legs,

The cover of the wings of grasshoppers,

The traces of the smallest spider’s web,

The collars of the moonshine’s watery beams,

Her whip of a cricket’s bone, the lash of film,

Her wagoner a small grey-coated gnat,

Not so big as a round little worm

Prick’d from the lazy finger of a maid;

Her chariot is an empty hazel-nut

Made by the joiner squirrel or old grub,

Time out o’ mind the fairies’ coach-makers.

And in this state she gallops night by night

Through lovers’ brains, and then they dream of love;

Over courtiers’ knees, that dream on court’sies straight,

Over lawyers’ fingers, who straight dream on fees,

Over ladies’ lips, who straight on kisses dream,

Which oft the angry Mab with blisters plagues,

Because their breaths with sweetmeats tainted are.


We Knew Love

(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens,

inspired by a letter written by Robert Dudley to Queen Elizabeth I)

A letter, I’ve read a thousand times,

I know the trace of every line;

Begs my forgiveness,

For all the love you can’t confess.

We knew love, you were the only one for me,

But this can never be.

We knew love, you were the only one for me,

But only in our dreams.

You wrote to me,

“I humbly kiss your feet,

And say a prayer for your majesty.

I’d give you my life and myself,

To assure your happiness.”

Tonight, take off my cloak and my crown,

And leave your letter to be found.

I’m carrying you in my mind,

To find you on the other side.


(music by Becca Stevens; words collected and arranged by Becca Stevens

from Freddy Mercury quotes)

Modern paintings are like women,

You’ll never enjoy them if you try to understand them.

Dullness is a disease, darling;

I’m not going to be a star–

I am going to be a legend.

Excess is part of my nature.

I hate pockets in trousers.

Oh, by the way, I do not wear a hose.

My hose is my own,

No bottle down there.

I dress to kill, but tastefully.

I want it all and I want it now!

Love is Russian roulette for me,

No one loves the real me inside.

Don’t wanna change the world with music,

I just wanna feel that I’m being myself.   

People are apprehensive when they meet me–

They think I’m going to eat them.

If I lost everything tomorrow

I’d claw my way back to the top somehow!

Does it mean this?

Does it mean that?

How did you make it?

That’s all anybody wants to know.

I’m getting this.

I’m seeing that.

Is this what you’re saying?

If you see it, darling, then it’s so!

The others don’t like my interviews

And frankly, I don’t care much for theirs.

You either have the magic or you don’t—

There’s no way you can work up to it.

I want to lead the Victorian life,

Surrounded by exquisite clutter.

I really need danger and excitement,

I don’t regret, I’m just me, I’m just me!


(lyrics & music by Don Miggs, K Nita, and Becca Stevens)

Carved a heart in a dogwood tree,

Found a song in everything.

Nothing to lose and nothing to gain,

Barefoot dancing in the pouring rain.

Oh, Regina won’t you come back home.

Done her daddy proud,

Made her mamma shine.

Found beauty in the night through a child’s eyes.

Lit up life like a firefly,

Never knowing that that fire could die.

Oh no, Regina won’t you come back home.

She lost her way along a wandering path,

She can’t get it back,

She can’t get it back.

It’s the wanderer who finds her soul,

And Lord only knows,

You had a long road.

Regina won’t you come back home.

She loved a man and he let her down, (Yeah she loved him, he gave nothing.)

She took an apron for a crown. (Lost her faith in real lovin’.)

She knew a girl who lived out loud, (She was somethin’, always laughin’.)

But she don’t ever come around no more.

Regina won’t you come back home. (What happened to you?)

Time flew by, and she let it go.

Used to laugh, but now she don’t.

Little girl dreams all turned to stone.

Spends all day on the telephone,

Sayin’ “no no no…”

Regina won’t you come back home.

Harbour Hawk

(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens

inspired by the life of Phyllis D. Hudgins, my grandmother)

I sketched a portrait of him   

From memory, his hands,

His eyes, like I could bring ’em back to life.   

Displeased I ripped it in half,

And walked the pieces aft.

The wind astern   

Carried ’em back to me.

From my sailboat I could see   

Two paper wings hover over me.   

From stem to stern and ear to ear   

I knew that you were everywhere.

With brush and canvas   

I’ll hush my sadness   

And paint those paper wings   

Like sails upon my back,   

And fly like an angel of the sea   

Beside my sailor king,   

The captain of a wise and selfless heart.

From my sailboat I could see   

Two paper wings hover over me.   

From stem to stern and ear to ear   

I knew that you were everywhere.

From my sailboat I could see   

Dark blooming clouds hover over me,   

A flash of light, a gust of wind,   

Will bring me to my love again.

When the winds pick up–

Fall off! Fall off! Fall off!

Fill the luffing canvas–

Fall off! Fall off! Fall off!

Trim the jib and reef the main,

The nearing gale is closing in.   

Singing in the rigging–  

Fall off! Fall off! Fall off!

From my sailboat I can see

Glorious waves of memory.   

I lie ahull as the waves rage over me,

With you my love, on the wings of the sea.


Well Loved

(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens,

inspired by The Pillow Book by Sei Shōnagon b. 966-1017,

translated by Meredith McKinney)

They say the mourning dove   

Can be comforted   

By showing her a mirror   

When she’s longing for her mate.

Oh it pains me to picture them alone   

When they’re separated, and cannot hear the call!

To be loved   

Is as rare as gold,   

But to be well-loved–   

There’s nothing can compare.

The heron looks unlovable   

Yet will not sleep alone,   

Taking turns on winter nights   

To keep each other warm.   

Oh it pains me to picture them alone   

On the coldest night, without each other.

To be loved   

Is as rare as gold,   

But to be well-loved–   

There’s nothing can compare.

Here’s a mirror for your love

Here’s a mirror…


(lyrics & music by Becca Stevens)

Ophelia wandered out into the belly of the woods

To bleed out any ounce of love that once beat in her heart

That beat for him, the sleeping man.

In the silence of the absence of

Her self-fulfilling dreams

Ophelia found a place to rest where the river finds the sea.

Of all the beauty that she had ever seen,

Ophelia felt it all at once, and one with everything,

And so with him, the sleeping man.

Her restless heart had done it again–

A fool for a hollow dream,

And then love sick, and out of sorts

She’d fallen on the sleeper’s sword.

So Ophelia wandered out into the belly of the sea,

So she could finally see herself, as she was meant to be,

And cradled by the water, rocking her to sleep,

Ophelia made a promise,

“From thine own self be free”

And fell into the arms of the deep.

A knight, traveling home from war,

His dreams as black as ink,

Knelt upon the river’s edge,


To wash his grizzled face, and drink.

And as he cupped his empty hands

To bring ’em to his lips,

A vision of a woman nearly stopped his breath.

He knew this woman–

He’d seen her in his dreams.

She’d haunted him on the battlefield

And gave him cause to live.

Of all of the beauty that he had ever seen

Now he felt it all at once–


His restless heart had done it again,

A fool for a phantom queen;

He dropped his armor and his sword

And all that he had ever been.

The Knight looked in the water

To find his river queen,

And there, he saw a man like him

Where she had always been.

Of all the beauty that he had ever seen,

Now he felt it all at once

And one with everything,

And so with her–



The Muse

(lyrics by David Crosby, music by Becca Stevens)

By the light of common day

Things look different

Than they did in the starlit dark.

The dark was warm and clouded.

It was easy to deceive yourself

And those around you in the work.

To say the craziness and pain,

The spreading of the stain,

Is exactly where you gain the spark to make it.

As if being happy isn’t quite enough,

Somehow I needed to make it rough,

Rough enough to break it.

To make those long connections

And run in wrong directions,

Till I break it loose.

I was wrong, of course I see now.

The spark is there all the time

If you know how

To listen to your calling,

The muse is quietly knocking

On your door right now.

You have to go faithfully

Each day

And open up your head

Some way, somehow.

And what will come in answer:

Some strong and gentle dancer

Will carry a song through your door.

Some great lifting force of light

Will come to balance fearful night;

Raise its voice and then raise yours.

Raise its voice and then raise yours!


(lyrics & music by Stevie Wonder,

arrangement by Becca Stevens)

As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving

And the rosebuds know to bloom in early May,

Just as hate knows love’s the cure

You can rest your mind assured

That I’ll be loving you always.

As now can’t reveal the mystery of tomorrow,

But in passing will grow older every day,

Just as all that’s born is new

Do know what I say is true,

That I’ll be loving you always.

Did you know that true love asks for nothing?

Her acceptance is the way we pay.

Did you know that life has given love a guarantee

To last forever and another day?

Just as time knew to move on since the beginning

And the seasons know exactly when to change,

Just as kindness knows no shame

Know through all your joy and pain

That I’ll be loving you always.

As today I know I’m living but tomorrow

Could make me the past but that I mustn’t fear,

For I’ll know deep in my mind

The love of me I’ve left behind

’Cause I’ll be loving you always.

Until the day is night and night becomes the day—Always.

Until the trees and seas just up and fly away—Always.

Until the day that 8x8x8 is 4—Always.

Until the day that is the day that I’m no more—Always.

Until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky—Always.

Until the ocean covers every mountain high—Always.

Until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea—Always.

Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream—Always.

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