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LP – What pop music should aspire to

January 09, 2017

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I have a treat of a singer/songwriter who goes by the artist name LP, which stands for her full name, Laura Pergolizzi.

MTV described her as, “A brash vocalist with a rocker’s heart, an unconstrained power, and a fearlessness about letting it all loose”

Here’s how I listen to LP. First, in many ways I believe, her music is what pop music should aspire to. I mean, it’s pop, but her music stands out with greater depth, more thoughtfulness, and generally a wider and more mature emotional repertoire. Her melodies are not afraid to soar into places where most pop artists never venture. And her lyrics are never orphaned from her motifs.

The second thing I hear in LP is quirky pop. She doesn’t follow normal conventions. She plays the ukulele, she whistles, and brings a rocker’s heart to nearly all of her music. I love that. I like being surprised, I appreciate someone who is not afraid to push a genre to new places.

Third, LP is connected to her music. What I mean is she knows how to sing “with blood” (for those of you watching the Amazon original series Mozart in the Jungle). Meaning, she has an emotional connection with her music which is not superficial. There’s blood flowing through it. One time in an interview, she was asked to describe her music in 3 words, and her answer perfect. Here’s what she said: “What I feel”




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