Between Jazz and Art Song: Theo Bleckmann

January 27, 2017

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Today we have a special guest joining us. Theo Bleckmann is a singer/songwriter who’s musical artistry is full of paradoxes. It’s provocative but playful. Impossibly sophisticated but intuitively familiar. Unpredictable yet totally coherent. His work has been described as “from another planet” (New York Times), as “magical, futuristic,” (AllAboutJazz), “limitless” (Citypaper, Philadelphia) “transcendent” (Village Voice) and simply, “brilliant” (New York Magazine).

Theo’s music is probably not what you’re used to hearing. It’s actually quite difficult to classify, since it’s a hybrid somewhere between jazz and art song. Theo is a creative pioneer, so I was honored to have this stimulating conversation with him. We discussed the role of an artist—and what it means for someone to pursue music that is synchronized with their identity. One of my favorite moments was when Theo pointed out how our consumerist culture has shaped the way we also consume music. I mean, have you ever thought about that? Theo has been widely recognized as an accomplished musician, so I am confident that you will enjoy our conversation. Take a listen as I start the conversation by asking him about his musical background.



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